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Are you a member of a congregation or non-profit in Washtenaw County? If so, the Ann Arbor / Washtenaw 2030 District task force, Houses of Worship (HoW), is inviting your congregation to create a Green Task Force for your congregation or non-profit!

If interested or want to know more, contact us at: Murray Rosenthal

HoW Green Team Topics

  • Common religious beliefs and values on energy stewardship
  • Reasons for making energy improvements to your building
  • Quick wins – how to get the best bang for your energy improvement buck
  • Funding for HoW energy use improvements
  • Monitoring your energy use ● Payback! How do we determine the payback period for energy improvement projects?
  • LED Lighting – pluses and minuses ● Solar Panel Funding. Can a House of Worship take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit?
  • HVAC systems – energy efficiency versus performance. Can HVAC improvements reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections?
  • Heat pumps for Houses of Worship
  • Insulation improvements for Houses of Worship
  • The process of getting your project approved by your Board / Vestry / Elders. Forming a consensus!
  • Saving water
  • Recycling and composting
  • Water gardens
  • Outside lighting upgrades
  • Talks from experts and vendors who provide energy saving improvements
  • Volunteer opportunities for organizations that support energy stewardship

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