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Are you a member of a congregation or non-profit in Washtenaw County? If so, the Ann Arbor 2030 District task force, Houses of Worship (HoW), is inviting your congregation to create a Green Task Force for your congregation or non-profit!

If interested or want to know more, contact us at:

Murray Rosenthal –

Ann Arbor 2030 District HoW Green Team Media and Resources

CLICK HERE to check out videos, presentations, slides, and more from the Ann Arbor 2030 District HoW Green Team.

We will add more to share as we keep growing!

HoW Green Team Topics

  • Common religious beliefs and values on energy stewardship
  • Reasons for making energy improvements to your building
  • Quick wins – how to get the best bang for your energy improvement buck
  • Funding for HoW energy use improvements
  • Monitoring your energy use ● Payback! How do we determine the payback period for energy improvement projects?
  • LED Lighting – pluses and minuses ● Solar Panel Funding. Can a House of Worship take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit?
  • HVAC systems – energy efficiency versus performance. Can HVAC improvements reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections?
  • Heat pumps for Houses of Worship
  • Insulation improvements for Houses of Worship
  • The process of getting your project approved by your Board / Vestry / Elders. Forming a consensus!
  • Saving water
  • Recycling and composting
  • Water gardens
  • Outside lighting upgrades
  • Talks from experts and vendors who provide energy saving improvements
  • Volunteer opportunities for organizations that support energy stewardship


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