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Looking for a contractor?

The Ann Arbor / Washtenaw 2030 District or City of Ann Arbor’s Office of Sustainability do not recommend contractors.

The Ann Arbor / Washtenaw 2030 District advises that you consider the complexity of your installation and the following qualifications in selecting a commercial solar contractor:

  1. Office location and designated service department.
  2. Experience on similarly scaled projects and references with any sub-contracted team members.
  3. Michigan builder’s license and an electrical contractor license (or master electrician that is a team member).
  4. Safety record.

Michigan Saves maintains a searchable database of commercial Solar PV Contractors. Visit Michigan Saves to search for a contractor.

A word about contractors from Michigan Saves:
Michigan Saves requires the appropriate certifications, licenses and insurance for the services our contractors select as the services they provide. We also check to make sure the company is in good standing with the state of Michigan. Once authorized and work is done, we auto request reviews from customers that show up on our contractor locator, this is not a vetting process but allows a potential customer to research the contractor. We also have a quality assurance program that includes job reviews, product verifications and corrective action requests. Also not an initial vetting process, but this is one of the ways we continue to monitor our contractors.

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