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Greater Victoria 2030 District Membership benefits include:

  • Support via a peer network.
  • Access to specialists and government representatives to expedite improvements to the sustainability and resilience of building portfolios.
  • Purchasing pools to reduce costs associated with energy and resilience retrofits.
  • Enhanced brand identity by showcasing commitment to achieving high-performance buildings.
  • Recognition for your leadership as a property partner in the 2030 District.
  • Access to 2030 District advice, information, tools and programs to support your energy, climate and conservation goals.
  • Input into District advocacy and program development.
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research and pilot programs supporting low-carbon property management.
  • Exclusive access to centralized information on financing opportunities and creative building performance strategies.
  • Ongoing education and training from Greater Victoria 2030 District management team on improving performance through various means.
  • Energy and GHG performance tracking for your properties compared to your baseline and progress to 2030 District targets
  • Data insights and energy reporting including reviewing your data on Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
  • Access to the Greater Victoria 2030 District resiliency tool that will enable members to assess climate-related stresses and vulnerabilities and identify appropriate retrofit strategies (under development).
  • Further performance data reporting via participation in Building Benchmark BC, such as year-over-year comparisons, and benchmarking against similar peer buildings across British Columbia.

To find out more, get in touch with us:

If you are a property owner or manager located in Greater Victoria find out what is involved in becoming a member here: Download the commitment letter here.

If you are an organization that would like to sponsor the Greater Victoria 2030 District and help us achieve our goals, visit our Sponsorship page here.

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