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The Greater Victoria 2030 District is hosted by BOMA BC

Meet our management team and advisors:


Cora Hallsworth – Director

Cora is the manager for the Greater Victoria 2030 District. She brings a wealth of experience managing successful sustainability initiatives, with local, regional and provincial government, and with the business sector. She has extensive project management experience and has led energy, climate and sustainability initiatives for the past 20 years.

Trevor Barry – Technical Lead

Trevor is the technical lead for the GV 2030 District. He is responsible for benchmarking and liaising with building managers with ensure data collection. Trevor brings nearly two decades of public service experience, chiefly at the BC Climate Action Secretariat working on policies such as the Community Energy & Emissions Inventory (CEEI), Carbon Neutral Government, and as a senior economic advisor on CleanBC climate investments.

Samantha Agtarap, P.Eng. – Manager & Climate Action Analyst

Samantha supports the District as climate action analyst and assistant manager. She brings a wide range of experience, primarily focusing on energy, the built environment and climate action.

Damian Stathonikos – Project Sponsor

Damian provides high-level guidance for the direction of the 2030 District. He is the President of Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia (BOMA BC), and is deeply knowledgeable of the needs of the commercial real estate sector.



Andrew Pape-Salmon – Technical Advisor

Andrew was the early driving force behind the creation of the District and he is one of its founding members. He is an adjunct Professor at  the the University of Victoria and Executive Director of the Buildings and Safety Standards Branch at the Province of British Columbia. He has over 20 years experience designing and implementing designs, strategies and regulations for property owners and managers, developers, utilities and all levels of government to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Ralph Evins – Technical Advisor

Dr. Evins is an assistant professor at the University of Victoria, and leads the research team that contributes to the 2030 District.  Dr Evins is a well-respected and well-cited researcher in the field of computational methods for building energy efficiency, focusing on the implementation of novel computational techniques towards reducing our energy and emission impact from the built environment.

Kevin Cant – Technical advisor

Kevin serves as the technical lead for the 2030 District. He will manage research initiatives that support the 2030 District,  His background is in mechanical design and energy consulting, and he is currently researching robust design methods in Dr Evins lab.

Jennifer Davis – Advisor

Jennifer’s background is Communications and Change Management. She brings this knowledge to her work in transitioning technically and operationally focused green programs into programs that also include a focus on people and their impactful behaviours.

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