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This resources page is provided for information only. For incentive and rebate programs, please visit the utilities’ pages directly.

BC Hydro

BC Hydro incentive and rebate programs vary by building type, energy consumption and region. A selection of programs available as of March 2021 is summarized in the table below. Get started by plugging your account number into the eligibility search tool to find programs that you’re eligible for.

Business energy-saving incentives

Upgrade lighting, HVAC system, refrigeration or mechanical systems and BC Hydro will provide funding to cover about 25% of the upfront costs (on average) through energy-saving incentives. Eligibility varies.


Improve refrigeration system performance

For systems that use more than one gigawatt-hour of electricity per year, for a 200 horsepower system that’s about 6,000 hours of operation.

Up to 75% of upgrade costs


Incentives depend on energy use.

Up to 75% of upgrade costs

Fans and Pumps

For systems that use more than one gigawatt-hour of electricity per year, for a 200 horsepower system that’s about 6,000 hours of operation.

Up to 75% of upgrade costs

Small Commercial Electrification

Electrification, including HVAC, for small buildings.

Up to $100,000

Visit the BC Hydro website for more details. Programs are subject to change.

Fortis BC

Commercial Energy Assessment Program

For small and medium-sized commercial and industrial customers to identify low- and no-cost energy conservation improvements.

No cost

Continuous Optimization

Working with BC Hydro, the program offers no-cost* recommissioning consultations to large, commercial buildings to help you save energy and improve operations, without having to undertake a major capital investment.

No cost

Commercial Performance Program for Existing Buildings

This program provides several types of funding to helps building owners and managers identify and then implement cost-effective energy conservation measures that are tailored to your building. For natural gas customers, the program provides funding for natural gas energy-efficiency projects.

Funding amounts vary.

Natural Gas Boiler Rebates

Improve your building’s energy performance and qualify for a rebate of up to $20,000 when installing an eligible mid-efficiency natural gas boiler. For a limited time, until December 31, 2021, we’ve got even bigger rebates on eligible high-efficiency condensing models, of up to $60,000 per boiler.

Up to $60,000

Custom Efficiency for Buildings

The Custom Efficiency Program can help you achieve large, complex projects such as optimizing HVAC systems and controls, implementing heat recovery and improving the building envelope.

Incentives up to $500,000

Commercial New Construction

For Part 3 developments/new construction associated with the District, with rebates increasing with performance. Includes major retrofits.

Major building renovations are defined as one of the following, all of which require a building permit and certified building plans by a licensed professional:

  • Change of use and reconstruction of existing building space or space within; or
  • Change Construction work of a nature requiring the building or space within to be out of service for at least 30 consecutive days; or
  • Renovations that are worth at least 50% of the existing building’s value and impact the building envelope.

Up to $500,000 in capital.

Up to $15,000 in energy modelling (includes electrification bonus)

Air Curtains

Installation of air curtains at entrances.

Up to $2,000

Commercial Kitchens

Rebates for installation of EnergySTAR appliances. Does not include ventilation.

Up to $2,000 per cooking equipment

Gas-Fired MAUs

Rebates for installation of high-efficiency gas-fired 100% outside air units.

Up to $6,000

More FortisBC rebates can be found here.

Other incentives

CleanBC Commercial Program

Three fuel switching and electrification programs, plus other programs for renovating commercial properties.

Varies based on program

Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure program

Percentage of project costs for installing charging infrastructure up to set amounts

Up to $5,000 per L2 charger

Up to $75,000 per DC fast charger

NRCan ZEV Program

Building Benchmark BC

A free program that helps you monitor the energy and GHG data from your buildings and enables you to compare its performance against similar properties

Free program


2030 Districts Network