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The Ann Arbor 2030 District is a private sector-led effort utilizing collaboration, incentives, and shared resources to implement the A2ZERO Carbon Neutrality Plan in commercial and multifamily buildings.

Property owners will not be required to achieve the goals of the District by legislative mandates, or as individual buildings. Rather, we will do so collectively because full participation in the Ann Arbor 2030 District brings collaboration, shared resources, and financing options that will make high-performance buildings the most profitable building type in Ann Arbor.
I have one property to commit to the District:I have multiple properties to commit to the District:

District Benefits:

Invitations to collaborative meetings with other 2030 District Partners

Exclusive access to centralized information on financing opportunities and creative strategies that develop out of aggregating District Partner Commitments

Ongoing education and training from Ann Arbor 2030 District Community and Professional Partners on improving performance through a variety of means
Relative performance information for your organization/building as compared to the rest of the District
Access to resources provided by Professional Stakeholders and Community Stakeholders

District Requirements:

Sharing of the following information with the Ann Arbor 2030 District:

Building energy use, water use, and transportation data (will be kept confidential)*

Best practices and lessons learned for 2030 District case studies

Challenges faced and overcome

Participation in the following programs:
Energy STAR Portfolio Manager
*Data Disclosure: Energy use, water use, and transportation data specific to any building is only shared with our Dashboard and Buildee Portfolio platforms through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Any other building-specific sharing is done only with the express permission of the Building Owner and/or Property

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