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The Ann Arbor 2030 District is a private sector-led effort utilizing collaboration, incentives, and shared
resources to prove the business case for sustainability. Property owners will not be required to achieve the
goals of the District by legislative mandates, or as individual buildings. Rather, we will do so collectively
because full participation in the Ann Arbor 2030 District brings collaboration, shared resources, and
financing options that will make high-performance buildings the most profitable building type in Ann Arbor.
By providing my signature below, I am expressing our company’s commitment to be an active member of
the Ann Arbor 2030 District. We agree to support the goals of the Ann Arbor 2030 District on a district-wide

As a Founding Member Community Stakeholder, we agree to maintain membership in the Ann Arbor
2030 District through 2030 and support the District performance goals with the following actions:

Sharing of the following information with the Ann
Arbor 2030 District:
Opportunities and strategies in building energy
use, water use, and transportation mitigation
planning and data management
Best practices and lessons learned for shared
case studies
Challenges in making further improvements
Mentorship for property owners, managers, and
Education and training information in your area
of expertise

Expanding participation of properties:
Your local facility is District member
At least one (1) new property associated
with your organizations added to District
membership each year

Mutual partnership in promotion of resources*:
Program participation available to District
Services available to District Partners
Cross promotion of events

Join the District!

* Community Member/Partner: Non-profit or government
orgnaizaiton with a primary mission to reduce energy, water or
transportation CO2e, or organization that represents property
owners/managers or developer

2030 Districts Network