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Implementing Sustainability Initiatives is Crucial in Today’s Business World



How is Your Company Benefiting People, Planet, and Profit?


You may be missing out on growth opportunities if you’re a business that has yet to jump on the sustainability train.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word “sustainability” before, but what exactly does that mean to your business? That’s the question all individual companies need to ask.


The well-known triple-bottom-line theory is just one of many theories floating around today. But, the most basic question that all businesses need to ask is: How is my company benefiting People, Planet, and Profit?

No matter what program, theory, or process a business intends to follow, there’s one sure thing – getting started can be the hardest part. But, if you are a company that is just getting started, it’s easier than ever to create a sustainability plan for a business.

Companies no longer have to reinvent the wheel when writing a sustainability plan. Other businesses have created many programs and published sustainability plans to help lead the way and share best practices.

While sustainability means different things to different organizations, there’s no denying that implementing sustainability initiatives can help a company’s growth in more ways than just environmental stewardship.

While that is the main focus of sustainability, let’s not forget about the economic benefits as well. A company that reduces utility costs can put that savings into hiring more employees, spurring economic development.

Sustainability plans should be a part of any business operational plans. Here are some of the benefits of getting started.


● Reduce the cost of transportation to and from landfills

● Reduce your operating expenses when you use less energy and water

● Reduce your stormwater runoff fees Reduce your company’s carbon footprint

● Lowering greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy and water consumption

● Installing gardens or green roofs to manage stormwater runoff

● Reduce transportation emissions to and from landfills and local traffic Increase your revenue:

● Increase positive public relations and marketing by promoting your company’s sustainability efforts

● Increase sales by offering sustainable products to your customers

● Create a healthy building to attract quality tenants to increase rent

● Provide a healthy environment for employees and thereby reduce sick days

The steps described above are not always easy to implement. If you own or manage a building, creating a high-performance building takes focus and commitment.

Organizations such as 2030 Districts are forming across North America to assist facility managers and owners with tasks such as tracking and managing water and energy consumption, offering educational opportunities, sharing best practices, and more.

Most 2030 District programs are free or cost-effective compared to hiring a consultant or company to assist. For more information and to find a 2030 District in your city, visit

2030 Districts Network