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Green Living Science boosts Detroit’s Recycling efforts with a new program

By March 11, 2024Uncategorized

Green Living Science boosts Detroit’s Recycling efforts with a new program.

Green Living Science is Detroit’s drop-off recycling center and the city’s neighborhood recycling program. GLS was founded in 2007 in response to the Detroit Public Schools Community District’s request to bring education about recycling and natural resource conservation to its students. Early programming consisted of assemblies and in-class lessons to teach children about reusing and repurposing materials as well as natural resource conservation. Recently,they have expanded their efforts to include businesses, multifamily housing and community members.

To see if your eligible for a FREE recycling cart, click here.

GLS offers a wide array of recycling information on their website about how you can participate in recycling and why it benefits Detroit city.  

From offering free programs, workshops available to you  as well as an informative ‘ How to’ that goes over in detail of what can and can not be recycled in their recycling program. 

For more information on those things, check out this page. RECYCLE INFORMATION

If recycling or sustainability is a important cause to you, GLS offers some simple ways you can help expand and continue their efforts. Just visit this link to join in on this important work happening right here in our city.

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