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We are thrilled to have Sapient Industries as part of our Detroit 2030 District. As a leader in their industry we are excited to see what new innovative ideas they bring to the city. 

Sapient Industries is at the forefront of transforming how organizations manage their energy usage and sustainability efforts by digitizing building infrastructures. By creating an equipment-level baseline for energy consumption and carbon emissions, Sapient enables businesses to pinpoint inefficiencies and optimize operations. The company leverages AI-driven predictive maintenance and real-time data analytics to provide actionable insights, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprints. This approach not only streamlines facility operations but also supports organizations in achieving their environmental goals, showcasing commitment to advancing sustainability through technological innovation.

In a practical application, a large corporate headquarters (145,000 sq. ft) in Ohio could not determine where their biggest energy consumption was coming from at the equipment level.

“Sapient was instrumental in launching an approach that digitized the building to understand where energy was being wasted, to create a performance baseline, then to optimize for operational efficiency. Sapient’s system digitized over 40 electrical panels, offering real-time visibility into energy consumption and identifying significant savings opportunities. As a result, the facility reported a 26% reduction in total electricity use and a 17% drop in peak demand, leading to substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.” explains Andrew Leshak, a top sales leader for Sapient Industries.

The installation, completed in just three days, was non-disruptive to client operations and resulted in an impressive $64,030 annual reduction in energy costs. This equates to a saving of $0.44 per square foot, a metric that underscores the return on investment for similar large-scale facilities considering such technology. Moreover, the initiative led to a reduction of 349 metric tons of CO2 emissions, aligning with the pressing need for sustainable practices in the corporate world. 


Sapient’s technology presents a forward-looking solution for organizations with expansive buildings or those housing costly equipment, looking to reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint. Sapient’s collaboration with this organization reflects an emerging trend where operational efficiency is harmonized with sustainability goals, offering a blueprint for other entities aiming to achieve similar results.


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