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Detroit Thermal

By September 8, 2023Uncategorized

The Detroit 2030 District is proud to partner with Detroit Thermal, a local utility company that offers an innovative way to deliver clean steam energy to more than 100 customers and 150 buildings locally. This allows building members many benefits towards sustainability along side other perks for choosing this environmentally friendly system.

Jack Buonanno, Director of Sales, speaks about a recent project in the works regarding the Willis Plant in Midtown, Detroit.

“In August, Detroit Thermal submitted a concept paper in an attempt to qualify for 48C(e) Tax Credit Program. This Project proposes to revive an “unoccupied steam production site”, considered an environmental justice area with most of the indexes of >90 percentile.”

The Project will be an integral part of the steam production capability of Detroit Thermal, a long-time viable entity. Detroit Thermal anticipates the total project cost to be in the order of one hundred million dollars.

“The Willis Plant will be re-equipped, remediated, and redesigned to produce steam and electricity by installing
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) equipment.” states Jack.

The proposed equipment will consist of two (2) Solar Titan 250 turbines, heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and associated balance of plant. The CHP Project at the Willis Plant will produce 150,000 pph of steam. This facility will allow Detroit Thermal to replace the steam produced by Boilers 1 and 2 at Beacon, which are inefficient from an energy consumption and emissions perspective by today’s standards.

When completed, the Project will result in a 39% reduction in overall GHG emissions for Detroit Thermal.

Other recent Detroit Thermal activities include performing system outage work in the DMC area. Also providing for reduced line losses, improved street landscape, and spending significant resources participating in the City of Detroit 2023 road and sidewalk improvements.

We are excited to see the growth that Detroit Thermal brings to the city this year and years to come.

To follow along, visit their website and social media at

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