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Integrated Pathways to Decarbonization Report

By September 21, 2022October 30th, 2023Toronto

August 2021- Integrated Pathways to Decarbonization Report Released

Dear Toronto 2030 District Partners,

We are pleased to share this brief synopsis of the fourth report of our Pathways to Net Zero research project. This new report investigates potential integrated pathways to decarbonization and it is designed as a resource for and to spark discussion in the Toronto 2030 District Community. (the full report is available here: Integrated Pathways to Decarbonization)

Summary of Report on Integrated Pathways to Decarbonization

This report includes two parts:

  1. A deeper evaluation of three technologies identified in prior reports as potential enablers for decarbonization pathways: Solar, Storage (electrical and thermal) and District Energy; and
  2. Discussion of system level policies and programs that are necessary to drive movement along the pathway

The report describes the following roles for these technologies:

The conclusion: we need an immediate focus on fuel switching. But fuel switching at the scale and pace needed will not happen without effective and consistent government policy and programs.

Our key findings related to policy and programs emphasize the following needs:

  • Accelerate the electrification of building heating.
  • Net zero by 2050 framework is required for crown corporations, regulatory bodies, and key ministries in Ontario.
  • Sunset clause for new natural gas-based systems and phase-out existing (including District Energy systems).
  • Financial support for heat pump installations, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.
  • Coordinate building codes and building performance regulations with zero carbon framework.
  • Support experimentation with clean gases without delaying the current electrification effort.

Please visit our website to learn more about our Pathways project or if you missed our previous messages sharing our Pathways to Net Zero Background Report, Building Energy Supply Decarbonization Report and our Energy Efficiency Report

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