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Energy Supply Decarbonization Report

By August 21, 2021December 9th, 2022Toronto

August 2021- Energy Supply Decarbonization Report Released

Dear Toronto 2030 District Partners,

We are wishing you all the best. As a resource to all of you in the Toronto 2030 District community, we are sharing the second report produced as part of our Pathways to Net Zero research project. It investigates pathways to decarbonizing the energy supply for buildings.

Summary of Report on Building Energy Supply Decarbonization

Read the Full Report: Building Energy Supply Decarbonization

This report evaluates the potential of three options for energy supply decarbonization:

  1. Renewable natural gas (RNG)
  1. Hydrogen
  1. Electrification

We have

We have evaluated the relative technical and cost implications for each by comparing what would be involved if each option were to be used to replace 100% of current building end use natural gas consumption (space and domestic water heating) in the District.

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