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New Energy Efficiency Technology for HVAC Systems Featured at Next Quarterly Meeting

By September 11, 2023Ithaca

Hub Controls Execs to Speak on September 19

Oliver Hynes, Hub Controls CEO, and Brian Cregan, General Manager of U.S. Operations, will be our speakers at the upcoming quarterly meeting.

Hub Controls is a manufacturer of user-friendly smart energy products for single-family and multi-residential buildings. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Hub Controls was a winner of NYSERDA’s 2018 76West Clean Technology Competition and became the first international company to locate its U.S. headquarters at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator in Binghamton.

Brian Cregan heads up U.S. operations for Hub Controls.

The company’s main product, the Hub Controller, eliminates energy waste through automatic reduction technology. The thermostat-like device deploys artificial intelligence and learning tools to identify wasted energy in a building’s heating and air conditioning system.

“Controlling your house with a smart thermostat seems like an obvious solution,” says Cregan, “but this isn’t always the case. It depends on the kind of device you use.”

According to Cregan, the National Bureau of Energy Research in September 2022 examined more than 16 million hourly electricity and gas data, and found that using standard smart thermostats resulted in an increase in energy consumption between 2.3% and 4.2%.

Cregan notes that the average home runs its HVAC systems 3,100 hours per year when it only needs to run 1,100 hours per year to keep people comfortable. Often in the fall, for example, HVAC systems run in the early morning when the outside temperature and inside temperature are the same.

Hub Controls has designed a thermostat that leverages AI technology to eliminate these redundancies, saving residential consumers an average of $750 per year. Currently, Hub Controls has 12,000 units live in Europe, and the company is now launching in the U.S., where its beta units show consumers may save closer to $1,100 per installation.

Cregan is quick to note that the Hub Controller works in multifamily buildings as well as single-family homes. As part of a demonstration project in Binghamton, Hub Controls is collaborating with local housing agencies to identify low and moderate-income households that would benefit from the technology. The company is also in discussions with private property management firms about installing their system in multi-residential buildings that house students and other residents.

Be sure to attend the 2030 District quarterly meeting on September 19 to hear about this cutting-edge technology!

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