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During this week’s webinar, we will discuss indoor agriculture HVAC fundamentals such as:

  • The HVAC needs in each type of grow room
  • Heating and cooling loads for cannabis operations
  • Pros and cons of different HVAC/Dehumidification systems 
  • Why integrative building controls should be considered in your grow house

In addition to these fundamentals, we will hear about cash rebates available through Consumers Energy that can buy down the cost of your HVAC system, bolstering an attractive ROI  for your high-performing grow operation. 

Harbor Farmz, a start-up cannabis facility in Southwest Michigan, will bring the conversation full circle as they explain how their high-performance HVAC/dehumidification system integrated into their unique vertical grow operation. By taking advantage of the utility incentives, they were able to get premium equipment at a net lower price point.

Featuring Guest Speakers:

  • Michael Ward, Harbor Farmz
  • Mitch Kelley, Trane
  • Rachel Fredrickson, Consumers Energy

Download PowerPoint.

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