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Cannabis Businesses:

The Grand Rapids 2030 District is here to help guide you through your energy management journey. We offer a wide array of resources aimed at simplifying the relicensing process for your business.

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Be A Community Leader:

As a cannabis business in Grand Rapids, there are specific environmental and social expectations put forth by the City. As a part of the Grand Rapids 2030 District (GR2030), you can utilize our tools and resources to navigate the local best practices and expectations.

Why does energy management matter?


Of Colorado’s electric
growth load was
attributed to cannabis
businesses in 2016.

Growing 4 cannabis plants has the energy consumption equivalent of 29 refrigerators.


of electricity in California is consumed by the cannabis industry in 2019. That’s equivalent to powering:

Widely confirmed throughout peer-reviewed research, the cannabis industry is highly energy-intensive. The energy intensity of indoor cannabis agriculture combined with increasing market popularity prompts local energy suppliers to adapt quickly to expected energy demand increases. If not properly regulated, the electric demands of cultivation facilities may cause energy shortages that affect local communities.

Sustainability Requirements to Relicense in Grand Rapids

Pre-operations Checklist:

1. Join the Grand Rapids 2030 District

Join the District

2. Report usage on Energy Star Portfolio Manager

How to use Energy Star Portfolio Manager

3. Create and submit an environmental sustainability plan

Guide for creating an environmental plan

Relicensing (After 18 Months) Checklist:

1. Update your Energy Star Portfolio Manager account with the utility bills since operations began

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

2. Submit ASHRAE II building audit or better to the Office of Sustainability

Download Sample Energy Self Audit Form

3. Annually update your environmental sustainability plan with progress

Energy Benchmarking

When you “benchmark” your building, that means you are first measuring your building’s energy use, and then comparing your energy use to the average for similar buildings. Benchmarking allows you to understand your building’s energy performance and will help you identify opportunities to cut energy waste.

How to Benchmark with GR2030

  1. Join the

  2. Register or login with Energy Star Portfolio Manager

  3. Add your properties

  4. Share with data by adding GR2030 as a contact, and sharing read-only access with your property

  5. Enter energy, water, and optional waste & materials data as you receive your bills

  6. View results and improve your performance

Cannabis Webinar Series

Below you will find the 2030 Cannabis Webinar Series. The series goes through a variety of helpful topics for
cannabis businesses managing their energy in Grand Rapids.

2030 Districts Network