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Company Name: The B.O.B.
District Affiliation: Grand Rapids
Company Type: Property Owner/Manager, Building Member

About The B.O.B.:

Since 1978, Gilmore Collection has proudly developed a solid reputation for delivering outstanding food, beverage, entertainment, atmosphere, and hospitality in an environmentally responsible way.

It starts with the rich history and architecture that welcomes you at many of our establishments—several of which are reclaimed vacant spaces. Our commitment to embracing and reinventing the past results in vibrant and thriving social hubs that are helping to establish both Grand Rapids and West Michigan as destinations where people want to live, work, and play.

From a culinary standpoint, we were thinking green long before it was fashionable. Our commitment to a sustainable environment is at the core of who we are and guides our caring stewardship of the planet. We’ve harnessed the power of that vision to become an industry role model and vocal environmental advocate. This includes locally sourcing and buying our ingredients whenever possible from our expansive network of Michigan farmers, purveyors, vendors, and suppliers; recycling and composting; and water and energy conservation.

Our passion for all aspects of the dining experience begins at the dining room and extends to the board room. In fact, our over 800 employees flourish and grow in the genuine pride of knowing we are contributing to—rather than just taking from—the communities in which we do business.