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Company Name: Michigan League of Conservation Voters
District Affiliation: Grand Rapids
Company Type: Community Stakeholder, Non-Profit
Address: 00 Ann St NW Suite 206 Grand Rapids,, MI 49504

About Michigan League of Conservation Voters:

Michigan LCV is the only nonpartisan political organization in Michigan with protecting your land, air, and water at the center of our work.

We’re non-partisan.
Clean air and safe drinking water are basic needs, not partisan issues. We represent the issues, not a political party. We work to find common ground to do right by our state’s incredible natural resources and all of us who depend on them.

We’re political.
Electing the best public officials and passing the right policies is the best way to protect our communities, our health, and our natural resources. We elect, educate and hold accountable elected officials and mobilize Michiganders to better protect the Great Lakes State.