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Company Name: Energy Sciences
District Affiliation: Grand Rapids
Company Type: State-wide Membership, Silver Supporter, Professional Stakeholder, Professional Stakeholder Member

About Energy Sciences:

At Energy Sciences, we believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s why every project is implemented using the Energy Sciences SiStem (Strategize implementation Savings system)—a considered and intentional plan for success. Our first step is always to Strategize, based on the project requirements and timeline, as well as the clients’ objectives and targets.

Only after we are sure our strategy will bring about a successful outcome do we proceed to phase two—Implementation. All projects are implemented with a focus on the final goal. Beginning with the end in mind ensures that, when the project is complete, our clients are more than satisfied with the results.

The capstone of the ES SiStem is measurable energy and cost Savings. Because we understand the science of energy consumption—not just how energy is used, but also how it is wasted through system inefficiencies and equipment degradation—we are able to design forward-looking solutions that achieve year-after-year results in terms of real savings that show up (or, rather don’t) on utility bills. The dollars our clients don’t pay in unnecessary utility costs can be used to further enhance facilities, to expand operations, or make other business and community investments.

Contact us today to learn how the ES SiStem can help you reduce your energy waste and enhance the sustainability of your operations.