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The Detroit 2030 District

5058 Million Square Feet of Detroit is committed to reducing
the environmental impact of building construction and operations.

The Detroit 2030 District is a part of a national movement to ​create high-performance buildings ​​district ​by reducing the environmental impacts of building construction and operations while increasing building owners’ return on investment, promoting economic development and supporting environmental justice. 

Join us on Friday, March 24th for a lunch and learn session with Spark Building Energy Solutions and PM Environmental.

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Join us Friday, March 31st for an informational webinar about the Detroit 2030 District!
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We are proud to be one of the twenty-three established districts operating within
The 2030 Districts Network.


If you have a commercial building in Detroit and want to pledge to reduce your energy use, water use, and transportation emissions, we'd love to hear from you!

We are proud to partner with the EPA for Congregations.  Check out this video highlighting the Detroit 2030 District House of Worship program on our YouTube Channel

Latest News

July 21, 2022 in Detroit

Promoting Carbon-Free, High-Performance Buildings

Connie Lilley, Promoting Carbon-Free, High-Performance Buildings Jul 26 Written By Kim Kisner SBND interviews the executive director of the Detroit 2030 District, Connie Lilley. Connie has been working within the commercial…
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March 5, 2022 in Detroit

White House Briefing – Working with Faith and Community Groups to Protect Our Environment

The Detroit 2030 District used ENERGY STAR tools, training, and tech support over nine months in 2021 to help inner-city congregations reduce utility costs and carbon emissions, and also promote economic and environmental justice…
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March 4, 2022 in Detroit

EPA and Detroit 2030 District Partner

In January 2021, EPA partnered with the Detroit 2030 District to host a House of Worship Energy Star Treasure Hunt Competition to find opportunities to save energy and fight climate change. The competition also…
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Please join us for our next Lunch & Learn. This virtual event will take place on Friday, March 24th at noon! We hope to see you there as we learn more about energy efficiency.

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We are thrilled about our partnership with NEW
MOUNT HERMON MB CHURCH here in the Detroit 2030 District. Thank you for your support! We are eager to work together in making our city even greater!

Please join us for a virtual presentation Friday, March 31st from 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM. To register please click the registration link below.

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