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Education Sessions

The views expressed in these presentations are those of the presenters, and the Cleveland 2030 District is not making any endorsement of the information provided, the presenters, sponsors, nor their companies. If you desire more information regarding the information provided in these presentations please contact the presenters directly.

Building Education Series 2024

Additional Sessions 2024

Building Education Series 2023

  • Jan 19: Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations and Infrastructure
  • Feb 23: The Building Envelope’s Impact on Efficiency
  • March 16: How Large Organizations Are Addressing Climate Change
  • May 18: Exemplary Renovation and New Construction Projects (Green Building Challenge winners)
  • July 20: What Promoting Electrification Will Mean for the Grid
  • September 21: Local Municipalities Address Climate Action
  • November 16: Power Generation’s Impact on the Environment

Additional Sessions 2023

  • Jan 11: What We Know About the IRA
  • Feb 22: IRA Opportunities for Museums
  • May 10: 2030 Districts Network – IRA Opportunities for K-12 and Higher Education
  • June 13: Summer Session – Building a Circular Economy in Cleveland
  • August 8: For Cleveland 2030 District Members: EV Charging Equipment Group Purchasing
  • August 16: For Cleveland 2030 District Members: EV Charging Equipment Group Purchasing
  • August 23: Summer Session – Wind and Solar in Cleveland
  • September 12: IRA Tax Credit for EV Charging Stations
  • October 24: Summer Session – Reuse and Recycling Solutions for Your Business or Building

Building Education Series 2022

Summer Sessions 2022

Building Education Series 2021

Summer Sessions 2021

Building Education Series 2020

Building Education Series 2019

Building Education Series 2018

Building Education Series 2017

Building Education Series 2016

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