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Water & Pollution

The Seattle 2030 District works with Seattle Public Utilities and King County to provide education and demonstration projects that promote Green Stormwater Infrastructure. Our partnership with the United Indians of all Tribes helps provide water analysis and education programs for the planned Canoe Carving House green roof project in South Lake Union.

The RainWise Program provides rebates that cover most or all of the cost of installing cisterns and/or rain gardens on your property. To receive a rebate, you must be in an eligible combined sewer overflow basin and work with a RainWise-trained contractor. The rebate can be up to $7.00 per square foot of rooftop runoff controlled. Talk with a contractor about what you can do on your property and ways to maximize the rebate.

In collaboration with the Seattle 2030 District, Earth Economics developed a Water Reuse Calculator to help property owners in the Seattle area make the economic case for investing in rainwater and greywater capture and reuse systems.

By offering a simple way to develop benefit-cost analyses, this tool supports commercial landowners in the Seattle area who wish to invest in on-site grey water and rainwater reuse systems.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) have been found in certain building materials throughout Washington. PCB-containing building materials pose major health risks to human and marine life populations.

Property owners, developers, contractors, local governments, and other businesses can increase their knowledge about the dangers of PCBs in building materials and take steps to reduce the impacts from these materials on people and the environment.

The Saving Water Partnership is an organization comprised of 19 water utilities in King and Snohomish counties that share a common water source.

They offer tips, tools, and rebates to help people preserve our region’s water for future generations. Find out how your business can reduce water usage and save money.

Get recognized for taking green actions! The EnviroStars program is a one-stop shop for Washington businesses to learn, get help and get recognized for protecting the environment and public health. The program unifies green business initiatives in the region and across all environmental areas, including energy and water conservation, pollution prevention, and the reduction of toxics, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Mini Grants provide up to $1,500 for landowners within the King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) service area that are not eligible for other incentive programs. Up to $4,500 may be provided to income-limited landowners. Increased grant awards may be available to eligible projects in the Lower Duwamish.

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