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In partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle 2030 District helps buildings with their Transportation Management Planning, reducing single occupancy vehicle trips, and promoting use of public transit and alternative transportation. Our partnership with Commute Seattle allows us to provide educational opportunities to building owners about transportation trends and alternate uses of parking space.

Commute Seattle works to make our City more affordable, sustainable, and connected by making it easy to walk, bike, ride, and telework to and through Seattle. Commute Seattle is a non-profit engaging with businesses, organizations, community partners, and destinations that employ, serve, and attract 600,000 people to Seattle every day. Check out their website for resources to make transportation to your building more sustainable.

Upgrading to zero-emissions vehicles has many benefits for businesses and their fleets, including lower cost of ownership, access to government incentives, a leg-up on meeting organizational sustainability goals, and better employee and community health.

Breaking Barriers has done the work for you to curate trustworthy content and expertise that will support you in putting together an actionable plan to decarbonize your business’ vehicle fleet.

Are you looking to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers at your multifamily property? City Light is here to help you take the first step. Whether it is apartment, condominium, affordable or market-rate housing, their team of trusted advisors can help you plan EV charging solutions with expert advice from trusted advisors and new rebates to lower your cost of installation. Multifamily properties must have at least five units to participate in the Multifamily EV Charging Program.

The Washington State energy building performance standard Early Adopter Incentive program began July 1, 2021 and applies to non-residential, hotel, motel and dormitory buildings greater than 50,000 sq. ft. An eligible building owner that demonstrates early compliance with the Clean Buildings Standard may receive a one-time base incentive payment of $.85 per gross square foot of floor area, excluding parking, unconditioned, or semi-conditioned spaces. Incentive funds are limited to $75 million.

Vehicle Charging Innovations for Multi Unit Dwellings is designed to educate stakeholders about charging options and assist them to develop on-site installations.

VCI MUD has developed a comprehensive Charging Toolkit for building managers/owners, residents, electric utilities and local governments to better understand the opportunities and rewards of EV charging.

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