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Seattle 2030 District – Building A Dynamic And Sustainable Seattle

I am Washington

Washington has a voice.

How we live and work in Seattle affects the State of Washington. The Seattle 2030 District is working towards a better future, join us in making this change.

Electrify Seattle – By Fueled Creative

The mission of The Seattle 2030 District revolves around energy use, water use reduction and stormwater management, and transportation emission reductions – important since 59% of all CO2 emissions in our city come from transportation. Part of the way we can address transportation emissions is through vehicle electrification. This is a path we began down last year, and we’re picking up speed to launch a new program around it, because we realize that Electric Vehicles are the first solution that spans across all three Seattle 2030 District goals: They reduce transportation emissions. Fully electrifying our cars would eliminate the largest point-source of pollution entering Puget Sound and 2/3rds of Seattle’s air pollution.  They would also increase the value of energy efficiency and innovation in our built environment.

Large-scale vehicle electrification can help tremendously with Seattle’s transportation emission and water quality problems, while also making energy conservation in the building sector that much more valuable and necessary. This video expresses the vision of our new Electrify Seattle program, designed to recapture that spirit of making Seattle the most electrified large city from the 1962 World’s Fair, around 21st century challenges.

Energy Joins the Sharing Economy

High Performance Building Pilot Program

The Seattle 2030 District is coordinated a High Performance Building Pilot Program with Microsoft, Accenture, Seattle City Light, and the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development to help building owners and operators get to the next level of building efficiency through advanced building analytics.

Smart Building Solutions (SBS) uses advanced data analytics to provide enterprise energy management services to commercial building owners, helping them reduce energy usage and maintenance costs, while improving occupant comfort.

SBS leverages the convergence of IT and Building Technologies to provide a suite of data-focused services to reduce building operating costs by up to 30%. The continuous analytics improves equipment performance that results in a number of tangible and intangible benefits for building owners and occupants.

  • Lower utility bills (decreased consumption and demand)
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs (parts and labor)
  • Increased equipment life
  • Lower risk of catastrophic equipment failures
  • Improved tenant comfort, retention, and leasing rates

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