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Watershed Investment Fund

More than 370 billion gallons of polluted stormwater flows into the Puget Sound annually

The Seattle 2030 District is embarking on a first-of-its-kind watershed investment fund to mitigate the negative impacts of urban development on our regional ecosystems. The Watershed Investment Fund creates a pathway for urban landowners and businesses to partner in Puget Sound recovery. We can reach the 2030 District’s goal of reducing stormwater impacts by 50% through nature-based solutions.

We Can Reduce Pollution

Because of rapid development, Puget Sound has 359,500 acres of impervious surfaces

The pollution coming off of these surfaces is harming marine habitats and escalating ocean acidification at a rapid rate. Polluted stormwater runoff contains thousands of chemicals, including heavy metals, petroleum products, residential and commercial grade fertilizers, pharmaceuticals from humans, and many other toxins. Most municipal stormwater systems cannot treat these pollutants, and urban runoff can be so toxic that it kills fish in a few hours.

How You Can Help

Subscribe to the Watershed Investment Fund to offset your stormwater

We are looking for investment partners to participate in this program pilot. Contact us to calculate stormwater impacts and align your organization’s investment with your corporate social responsibility and environmental justice goals.

To learn more:

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