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Energy Efficiency

Deploy innovative smart building technologies. Using Seattle’s wealth of information technology, the Smart Buildings Initiative is aimed at deploying advanced software to run smarter, more efficient buildings. More Information…

To view Waterfront Redevelopment District Energy Presentations click here

To view the 2030 Districts Marketplace cooperative purchasing program for members, click here

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Architecture 2030, the Seattle 2030 District provides small commercial buildings with tools, resources and services to implement basic energy (and water) efficiency upgrades.
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Water & Stormwater

The Green Stormwater Initiative promotes the use of rooftop gardens, on-site vegetation, bio-swales, rainwater collection, permeable pavement, and other stormwater mitigation best practices to manage 228 million gallons of stormwater annually by 2030.
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Use Ecotope’s Cistern Sizing Tool here

Not sure how to get started on a GSI project in your building? Read this report, Harnessing the Rain for Building Performance, that highlights the necessity and advantages of stormwater management and provides strategies and tools to implement the capture and reuse of water.

In collaboration with Earth Economics, this water reuse calculator can help building owners explore the cost benefit of rainwater and greywater reuse. More Information

The Seattle 2030 District will help members install low-flow plumbing fixtures, high-efficient irrigation systems, and native/adaptive drought-tolerant vegetation, as well as reuse of greywater for on-site needs. More Information

Clean Transportation

Create a network of electric vehicle charging stations to utilize Seattle’s clean hydroelectric power for transportation. Electrify Seattle aims to dramatically shift vehicle fuel source from petroleum to hydro in order to mitigate carbon emissions and reduce contaminated stormwater runoff. More Information

Commuter Amenities

The Seattle 2030 District collaborates with Commute Seattle and community partners to promote transportation programs and amenities including bike facilities, on-site storage, showers and changing rooms, and other innovative programs to reduce carbon emissions from commuting. More Information

The goal of this volunteer initiative is to encourage the integration and adoption of the 2030 District goals for energy, water and transportation into an organization’s business practices, documentation and projects. We have found that sometimes we don’t have a very deep bench at our member organizations and expanding the internal 2030 knowledge network within them will help overcome gaps that arise with staff turnover and expansion. In turn, we intend to develop a community of informed individuals who can shape our direction and broader public policy.
The Seattle 2030 District Tenant Engagement Initiative provides an avenue for building tenants to help the owner/managers meet the 2030 goals. It aligns corporate social responsibility priorities with business operations and gives members access to the 2030 Marketplace. Additional resources include educational sessions and networking, assistance with setting up performance tracking systems and an opportunity to affiliate with a national movement dedicated to reducing impacts from energy, water and transportation use. More information

2030 Districts Network