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Pittsburgh 2030 District Progress Reports

In order for the the Pittsburgh 2030 District to achieve the 2030 Challenge goals of 50-65% reductions in carbon emissions for existing buildings by 2030 and zero carbon for new construction and major renovations by their final design, performance is measured and reported in aggregate at least every two years. Properties committed to the 2030 District goals report monthly consumption and performance data for energy and water. They also participate in regular IAQ surveys. This data from all current reporting properties through the previous calendar year is aggregated together and compared to the district baselines.

Check out the reports below for insight to the Pittsburgh 2030 District annual progress, impact, expansion, and opportunities moving toward the year 2030.

All Pittsburgh 2030 District Progress Report documents and files are property of Green Building Alliance.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

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