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NYC 2030 District is implementing Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn (HCSB), a Clean Heating and Cooling Communities campaign in Brooklyn Community Boards 2 & 6, sponsored by the Brooklyn Borough President and NYSERDA. We are promoting green retrofits with envelope efficiency improvements and cold climate air-source heat pumps (ccASHPs.)

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Buildings with energy efficient envelopes and clean heating and cooling systems will keep you comfortable all year round, lower your energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

How to get involved: 4 Easy Steps

  1. APPLY: Fill out a form to participate and we will contact you within a week.
  2. ASSESS: Help us evaluate your property and we will assist you to receive a free or low-cost energy survey to plan your project.
  3. FINANCE: Choose the best financing option for you. In many cases the energy savings cover the cost of the loan.
  4. UPGRADE: A Heat/Cool Smart Brooklyn approved contractor retrofits your property and you enjoy the comfort and energy savings. Everyone benefits from lower Greenhouse Gas emissions!

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