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NYC 2030 District is a Non-Profit Service Provider with the NYC Accelerator

NYC2030 works with service and professional partners to perform building
energy improvements for property owners and promotes community scale
programs. Our group serves as a project facilitator or owner’s rep to
implement high-performance retrofits. NYC2030 forms a team from our
members of trusted professionals, consultants, contractors and vendors to
complete each project successfully. Property owners can benefit from
NYC2030’s commitment to guide them from assessment to the completion
of their energy retrofit projects.
Thanks to these companies who have joined NYC2030’s NYC Accelerator project team:
  • Brooklyn SolarWorks
  • buildee
  • Dalmar Energy
  • Econotherm
  • Kawi Energy Group
  • Logical Buildings
  • Nova1
  • Rains Energy
  • SC Engineers
  • WexEnergy

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