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Public Policy

The Bellevue 2030 District advocates for public policies that help our members achieve the 2030 targets. Our advocacy efforts focus on programs, incentives, and resources that reduce the barriers to building electrification and decarbonization. Our board-led Policy Committee provides oversight for the Bellevue 2030 District policy priorities. Click here to reach out with specific policy questions or suggestions.

Member Representation & Rulemaking

The Bellevue 2030 District engages in rulemaking for city, county, and state codes and legislation. Our goal is to help shape laws to reduce the barriers to building sustainability. Recent examples of our engagement with the rulemaking process include the state energy code and the Washington State Clean Buildings Law.

To learn how you can engage with the rulemaking process for building decarbonization, please reach out to our Sustainability Program Manager, Riley Lynch.

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