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Building Performance Analysis

The Bellevue 2030 District property stakeholders are committed to achieving the 2030 targets in energy, water, and transportation emissions. To help our members reach these goals, we provide building performance analysis for each of our 90+ member buildings.

We meet annually with property owners and managers to review their buildings’ performance, track progress towards state and local targets, and discuss options of increased building sustainability.

Energy, Water, & Transportation Benchmarking

The Bellevue 2030 District helps property stakeholders benchmark their buildings across our key program areas. With the passage of the Washington State Clean Buildings Law, buildings above 50,000 square feet are required to perform annual energy benchmarking. Our building performance analysis provides estimated Energy Use Intensity targets for compliance with this new legislation.

We also measure progress at district-scale to monitor how the 2030 District is progressing towards the 2030 targets. For help benchmarking your building or to learn more about building performance analysis, please reach out to our team here.

Resources, Programs, & Incentives

In partnership with local utilities, nonprofits, and governmental agencies, the 2030 District helps provide programs, incentives, and resources to our members. We work with members to find the solutions that work best for them. Whether it is help identifying a lighting retrofit incentive, learning about green building certification, or exploring funding opportunities for energy efficiency, the 2030 District is here to help.

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