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Our Introductory Program for New Partners

Know Your Number (KYN)

In early 2023, the Tucson 2030 District (T2030D) launched its Know Your Number Program. The program is designed to give potential partners a better understanding of their building’s carbon and water reduction needs and our professional auditing and consulting services.

The program offers a basic audit of the building in question, based on past utility bills, and includes a full assessment of the building’s current performance. The data analysis of energy and water consumption, past and present, is provided by EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and the District’s proprietary data collection system.

The T2030D team then presents a Know Your Number rating to the participant, which can be used to evaluate future reduction opportunities.

We typically charge a nominal fee for participants based on the square footage of the facility. We also include an Ongoing Monitoring Service to assist T2030D program participants in completing and maintaining performance improvements in-house.

T2030D uses the data collected for national District-wide reporting and community-wide recognition.

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