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NYC 2030 District is established as the 23rd 2030 District in North America. Our nonprofit private-public partnership is a catalyst to collaboratively advance sustainability and resilience technologies, projects, programs and practices at the local level.

We believe that harnessing the full potential of sustainability in a targeted district will achieve greater prosperity, energy security, and environmental protection for New York City. NYC 2030 District will advance the goals of the Climate Mobilization Act, 80X50 and Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Initiatives. The private-sector led NYC 2030 District will provide important resources, enabling energy cost savings and improved property values for its stakeholder partners while demonstrating how to mitigate and adapt to climate change on an urban scale.

NYC 2030 District is part of the 2030 Districts Network®, a national nonprofit organization launched by Architecture 2030, that works toward dramatic greenhouse gas reductions  from buildings and cities. 2030 Districts meet these goals through a shared vision of sustainability and economic growth. Districts are established in 23 North American cities, encompass over 500 million SF of real estate, and cooperate in a vibrant alliance. Working at the district scale, we engage in focused programs to develop replicable and scalable solutions.

Our objectives are to demystify the complex web of policies, programs, incentives and services; connect property partners and other stakeholders together to share information; facilitate aggregated project delivery; and foster collaboration across all property, community, and service sectors. NYC 2030 District is building a living urban laboratory to confront climate change, demonstrating and testing innovations to sustainability and resilience challenges.

The District boundary contains Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, which comprises dense commercial zones along with adjacent residential, institutional, and industrial areas. The District’s historic civic character, rich diversity and vital resources will facilitate the modeling of solutions to sustainability and resilience challenges for the entire city.

NYC 2030 District is engaged in consultation with local businesses, civic institutions, community organizations, and elected officials. Our initial programs focus on sharing resources through an online resource hub as well as live stakeholder events. NYC 2030 District will incorporate two unique aspects of the city. A great deal of work addressing climate change is already underway in the public and private sectors, creating real opportunities for progress. And New York City is composed of a wide spectrum of varied neighborhoods and interests. We welcome satellite areas and affiliate members from throughout New York City.

NYC 2030 District is a member of the NYU/ACRE Urban Future Lab and is implementing a NYSERDA grant promoting green retrofits in Brooklyn.  Current partners cover over 21 Million SF of pledged property including the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Clinton Hill Coop, The New School, Pratt Institute, Time Equities, The Albanese Organization, and Greenthal Management.

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