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Company Name: Go Sustainable Energy
District Affiliation: Cleveland
Company Type: Professional Stakeholder, Professional Partner, Funder, Affiliate Sponsor
Address: 5701 N. High Street Suite 112 Worthington, OH 43085

About Go Sustainable Energy:

Go Sustainable Energy is an energy-efficiency and sustainable energy consulting firm. We provide accurate, unbiased information on energy-efficiency and energy to our clients. We do not sell products, provide design services, finance projects, or install equipment – allowing us to be true owner advocates when exploring energy efficiency opportunities and conducting analysis.

Our staff expertise is rooted in the field, having provided commissioning, energy audits, energy simulation, measurement & verification, and other support services for several hundred commercial and industrial facilities across the region and country. Knowledge and experience developed performing any one of these services directly feeds and enhances the others.

We generally provide services in the following four areas:

  • New Construction & Major Renovation: Data-driven decision making in the design, selection, installation, programming, and operation of major energy-using equipment is critical to procuring the most efficient facility possible within your budgetary constraints. Let us help you investigate your facility’s potential, measure the results, and support you in getting the building you thought you were paying for.
  • Buildings & Industry: Regardless of building type, age, or what technologies are present, energy efficiency opportunities are abundant in buildings and industry. These opportunities span across operations, purchasing, and investment in new equipment. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a hospital, a school, or an office building, let us help you investigate your potential, measure the results, and support you in making data-driven decisions.
  • Utilities: Promoting energy efficiency is a challenging task unique to each utility’s service territory, customer demographic, and political and regulatory environment. Regardless of size, a utility should balance program cost-effectiveness, customer perception and a myriad of regulatory requirements all while ensuring that the projects being performed are trustworthy and produce energy and demand savings. This is where Go excels. We can help utilities to investigate ways to enhance and optimize programs, provide high-quality measurement and verification, and support your technical documentation needs.
  • Corporations, Organizations & Enterprises: Large organizations with building or manufacturing portfolios are increasingly focusing on energy management. Energy reduction goals are now commonplace and energy teams are driving enterprise-wide change. Corporations and organizations of all sizes are moving past one-off energy projects and developing comprehensive energy management strategies.

We invite you to explore our website to learn about our team!

Reduced Cost Energy Studies for Manufacturers 

Go Sustainable Energy provides energy studies and energy audits to manufacturers in Ohio at a significantly reduced out-of-pocket cost. The funding is provided through the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Energy Efficiency Program for Manufacturers (EEPM), which is meant to multiply the impact of funds spent by Ohio manufacturers. This funding is available on a first-come-first serve basis.

Contact – Charles Schreier, Engineer