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Company Name: Corix / Cleveland Thermal
District Affiliation: Cleveland
Company Type: Bronze Sponsor, Event Sponsor
Address: 1921 Hamilton Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114

About Corix / Cleveland Thermal:

Cleveland Thermal is one of the oldest district energy utilities in the country helping customers save money, achieve environmental emissions targets and reduce spending on costly utilities. Over the past 125 years, we’ve been a consistent, reliable source of steam and chilled water (since 1993) for our customers while allowing them to minimize the amount of equipment in need of constant maintenance. We offer competitive rates on our services and through the use of innovative technologies and our significant infrastructure we are uniquely qualified to serve new developments or retrofit existing buildings in downtown Cleveland. Our steam and chilled water services not only offer long-term savings for buildings of any size, but they also prevent the need for significant capital expenditure on new heating and cooling equipment. Over the years, our clients have successfully reduced utility costs, increased facility space and streamlined operations – all while minimizing maintenance-related stress and most importantly, maintaining reliable comfort in their buildings.