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Joining a District

Each 2030 District is administered locally.  The basic structure of each District is similar as they are all comprised of Property Owner/Manager Members, Professional Members and Community Members.  If your organization is interested in being involved in a local 2030 District, please use this link to find a local District and reach out to the local 2030 District staff – Districts

The Network also has the opportunity for large organizations to be involved in multiple local Districts by joining as a Network Member.  If your organization would like to join in multiple locations and help to grow the Network – please reach out to us directly –

Creating a New 2030 District

The Network is looking to expand to cities and towns around the US, Canada and the world.  The 2030 District model has proven to be a viable method for the built environment to address its contribution to climate change.  There are a number of resources available to the right to aid groups who might think the model will work for their community.  Please reach out to us if you have questions –


2030 Districts Network