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Cleveland, OH

73 Million Square Feet of Cleveland is committed to reducing
the environmental impact of building construction and operations.

The Cleveland District

The Cleveland District is a public-private-nonprofit collaborative working to create a groundbreaking high-performance building district in downtown Cleveland.

Our goal is to dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of building construction and operations while increasing Cleveland’s competitiveness in the business environment and increasing owners’ return on investment.

We are proud to be one of the twenty-three established districts operating within The 2030 Districts Network.

The Cleveland 2030 District is a movement to create high-performance building districts throughout Greater Cleveland with the goal of dramatically reducing the environmental impacts of building construction and operations while increasing Cleveland’s competitiveness in the business environment and increasing owners’ return on investment.

With the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Planning providing our performance goals, we seek to develop realistic, measurable, and innovative strategies to assist district property owners, managers, and tenants in meeting aggressive goals that reduce environmental impacts of facility construction and operations.

These collective efforts will establish the District as an example of a financially viable, sustainability focused, private sector driven effort that maximizes profitability and prosperity for all involved. Through collaboration among diverse stakeholders, leverage of existing and development of new incentives and financing mechanisms and development and communication of shared resources, the 2030 District seeks to prove the business case for sustainability. Property owners will not be required to achieve the goals of the District by legislative mandates, or as individuals.  Rather, this type of goal achievement requires sharing of resources and ongoing collaboration to make high-performance buildings the most profitable building type in Cleveland.

Achieving the 2030 Challenge targets at a district scale, and focusing on existing medium to large buildings that are privately owned, will provide a working model that other cities and regions can use to reduce emissions and impacts. While individual buildings will have specific opportunities for energy reductions, a district approach will provide the opportunity for district-wide heat recovery, distributed generation, and other district energy efficiencies that can reduce the demand for resources. The 2030 District will provide members a roadmap to own, manage, and develop high performance buildings by leveraging existing market resources and by creating new tools and partnerships to overcome current market barriers. This type of collaborative action is a strategic undertaking to help Cleveland move aggressively toward carbon neutrality between now and 2030 and represents a major investment in the future of the city and the Northeast Ohio region.


If you have a commercial building in Cleveland and want to pledge to reduce your energy use, water use, and transportation emissions, we'd love to hear from you!

Our Sponsors

Your support makes it possible for the Cleveland 2030 District to continue its work mitigating the impact of the built environment on climate change.

Please contact for information on how to become a sponsor.

Become A Sponsor

Watch our video featuring several members and partners who talk about the importance of the District’s work and what it means for their organizations to be part of the District.

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