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Thank you for your interest in the Cleveland 2030 District. This is a collaborative effort and we need the participation of all property owners and property managers within our boundary. Please review the information on this page and contact us if you have any questions.

The Cleveland 2030 District is a private sector-led effort utilizing collaboration and shared resources to prove the business case for sustainability. Property owners will not be required to achieve the goals of the District by legislative mandates, or as individuals. Rather, we will do so because full participation in the Cleveland 2030 District will make high-performance buildings the most profitable building type and we will create a more sustainable, resilient and healthy environment in Cleveland. By joining the Cleveland 2030 District, you are expressing your organization’s commitment to support the goals of the District, to meet our stated performance goals on a district-wide scale.

There are other ways to participate in the 2030 District.  If you are a professional providing products or services to the building industry that will help our members reach their 2030 efficiency goals, please consider becoming a Professional Partner to the District.  If your organization’s mission is aligned with the goals of the 2030 District, you can pledge your support by becoming a Community Partner.  If you are an individual who is interested in volunteering, we welcome your help.

For more information on how to participate, email us at

2030 Districts Network